Blissful Living Sedona seeking like-minded individuals to join our healing team, collaborate and support each other's work. Our client-centered practice uses a mind-body-spirit approach to healing. 

Attend our monthly Wellness Practitioner Meet & Greet. 
Our open house event takes place on the last Sunday of every month from 1pm to 3pm. 
To RSVP on Facebook click here. 
This event will help you connect with other practitioners and healers from Sedona and the Phoenix Valley.
It's time to grow your business and find your bliss!

Where Are We Located? 

We are located in The Village of Oak Creek, Sedona and want to grow a network of Wellness Practitioners so we can better support the community and tourists who travel through Sedona. 
Our address is 45 Castle Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351
Suite 5 

Why We Do What We Do?

That's simple, we believe in spreading wellness and bliss throughout Sedona. 
Each practitioner has their own special medicine and ideal client. We want to help guide practitioners in sharing their unique medicine and bliss with Sedona and the world! 

Share your ideas, content and services. Get feedback.

We want to create a community of practitioners who collaborate and support each other. The world needs our help and together we can heal the planet. 
Attend our monthly Wellness Practitioner Meet & Greet on the last Sunday of every month.
From 1pm to 3pm, you can visit with other practitioners from Sedona and the Phoenix Valley area in a open house type setting. 
Bring your content, marketing materials and anything else you want to share. We would love to see what you have done with your business. 

AND Here’s The Best Part…

We have space for you to join Blissful Living Sedona if you are looking for a place to practice, or hold classes or workshops. 

“It's my dream and bliss to connect with other wellness practitioners and grow a community of Bliss Catchers."

Natalie McGovern


Check out our two room healing center by clicking the link below. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of you and your clients.

We Are Creating An Online Community of Healers

Natalie will soon provide an online app/website for people interested in learning about self-healing and Holistic Health. We will be launching test versions of this community app soon.
Each month, guest practitioners, educators and speakers will be featured in posts and videos for members and their clients to enjoy. Members will be able to receive some of the content via email if they choose. Team Bliss’s tagline is “C0-Creating bliss & Sharing Our Shine with the World”.
Team Bliss is seeking practitioners who are ready to share their content and unique medicine with the world. There are many ways a practitioner or business could become involved in Team Bliss.

Moments of Bliss from May's Meet & Greet


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